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Located in the heart of Hillcrest, Uncle Biff's California Killer Cookies have been a San Diego tradition since 1987.  From humble beginnings in Uncle Biff's own kitchen, Uncle Biff's California Killer Cookies grew to one of the cities most beloved and cherished landmarks - many noting them as the "best cookies on the planet."

The recipes history has rich roots originating from Uncle Biff's Grandma, affectionately referred to as GaGa. Uncle Biff anxiously awaited every birthday and major holiday knowing that there would be a package full of GaGa's most coveted cookies waiting at his doorsteps. Without fail the cookies arrived perfectly prepared and carefully packaged with love. Uncle Biff would hoard as many cookies as he could, treasuring every delicious bite down to the last crumb.


From these precious memories Uncle Biff decided to honor his Grandmother and, after countless attempts, finally recreated the recipe to begin making them himself. The cookies began to find their way to family, friends, and colleagues. When Uncle Biff couldn't produce enough cookies to keep up with demand he decided to open his first shop in Pacific Beach. Two short years later the Hillcrest location followed suit.


The Killer Cookie moniker came from the original surfers who frequented the shop saying "You need to call these 'Killer Cookies', they're totally killer!"

Uncle Biff's Killer Cookies are enjoyed by
Hall of Fame Athletes & Musicians as well as Celebrities such as Justin Long and the Royal Family's Prince Harry. Even with all the celebrity attention, the "Average Joes" still remain the most appreciated customers.


Uncle Biff's Killer Cookies are made with Premium, All Natural ingredients baked with love. Simply put they may just be the best cookies on the planet!

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